Poisonous creatures crawl towards us: a tourist rented a house in Thailand for 200 rubles and spoke about the shock she experienced

Poisonous creatures are crawling towards us: a tourist rented a house in Thailand for 200 rubles and spoke about the shock

A Russian tourist spoke about the shocking disadvantages of eco-friendly and at the same time budget accommodation in Thailand on her Yandex.Zen channel. According to her, staying in a bungalow for only 200 rubles a day, tourists will have to prepare for extremely unpleasant surprises that cause a real shock: for example, visits from poisonous and dangerous creatures, including those carrying a tropical infection.

How said the tourist, cheap housing – a separate bungalow – they rent on the island of Koh Phangan. Outwardly, everything is environmentally friendly and budgetary – housing costs 200 rubles with our money, it looks unusual, it is completely made of bamboo. But it was worth checking in – tourists found a bunch of minuses, and unsafe ones.

The first point the tourist calls mosquitoes, which “already tortured.” “Now is the time when you can easily catch dengue fever. Mosquitoes bite and spread this nasty disease. And it's dangerous enough,” she warns other campers. According to the blogger, mosquitoes fly into budget bungalows “with ease”, since they constantly have to be aired, and there are gaps everywhere.

Audibility. “The bungalow is made out of a very tiny bamboo leaf, and is built in such a way that there are holes everywhere. At first, I was even afraid to step on the floor, because I thought that we would fail. Now I'm used to it and it's fine. But in the morning it is simply impossible, local workers get up early and start doing business, chatting, doing laundry, walking around. You can hear it all!” – the blogger complains.

In addition, through the same “holes” not only mosquitoes fly in, but also “local creatures” get in. “I mean various lizards, huge spiders, snakes and other creepers. I am categorically against when dangerous and poisonous comrades come. The most common of the uninvited is scolopendra. They come several times at once,” the tourist complains. “Poisonous creatures” also penetrate into the shower room, where “the concrete floor does not come into contact with the walls.” “Now I’m even writing a post and looking at the ceiling so that the caterpillar doesn’t inadvertently fall on my head!” – the tourist concludes her frightening post.

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