Popular among Russians, the resort decided to strip the tourists “down to their underpants”

A resort popular with Russians decided to strip tourists down to their underwear

Another resort has decided to strip to its underpants tourists who like to walk in a bikini outside the beaches. We are talking about the Montenegrin resort of Budva – according to local media, the authorities of the resort decided to fight with lovers of flanking around the city in a “beach” form. Fines will reach up to 1,000 euros, which in fact will mean for tourists that the authorities strip them “to their underpants.”

According to the authorities, they plan to fine tourists who wish to walk around the Old Town of Budva in swimsuits or naked to the waist. They will be punished with gigantic fines ranging from 200 to 1,000 euros (that is, from 17,000 to 84,000 rubles). Control will be carried out by municipal police patrols.

Note that many resorts of “old Europe”, including Spain and Italy, are fighting uncompromisingly with tourists walking around the city in bathing suits. But among the Balkan countries, Budva will not be the first resort to introduce such a ban. Previously, similar measures were taken in the Croatian resorts of Split and Dubrovnik. There, tourists who appear in public places indecently are fined 150 and 130 euros, respectively.

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