Popular Asian country launches pet holiday charters

Pet holiday charters launched in popular Asian country

The original “niche tourism” was marked by Jeju Island in Korea. Pet charters are a very non-trivial offer, however, the creators of this tour package were counting on the “fanatic” lovers of their pets. For this, a private jet is used for passengers accompanying pets.” The tourism product itself was invented by the Korea Tourism Organization. And, according to Korea Bizwire, the proposal is a success.

So, the first flight was used by 33 passengers who arrived along with 18 pet dogs who arrived on the island on a chartered plane. According to the rules of the tour, each passenger can take one pet with them (weighing less than 10 kg, including a pet and a cage). Moreover, it is allowed to carry a dog in the cabin next to your seat, and not send it to the cargo compartment.

There were a lot of “dog lovers” in Korea. The first 50 seats, each costing 390,000 won ($299 or just over 15,000 rubles), sold out just five days after the program was announced. You will have to spend 500 thousand won on the next tour – and they also have fun quickly.

At the same time, the route of the “dog” tour is also themed – the three days of the program include beaches, parks, as well as restaurants and zoo cafes . All of them welcome visitors with animals.

As a result, the program for pets and their owners will be long. Pet Friendly Charter Tour to Jeju Island will operate 10 times a month until the end of the year.

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