Popular Phuket beach closed to tourists due to shark attack

A popular beach in Phuket is closed to tourists due to a shark attack

The popular Kamala Beach on Phuket Island is closed, the territory is bypassed by police and rescuers, stopping tourists from trying to climb into the sea. Vacationers are warned about a “dangerous animal”, presumably a shark, which killed an 8-year-old child. He received deep lacerations on his lower right leg, requiring more than 30 stitches to close.

Patrols are warning tourists of what has happened and have posted warning signs, according to Kathu Sivat Rawangkul, who visited the beach. calling to take care of safety and be careful with “aquatic animals” when playing in the water. “The incident may just be an accident, but we have taken steps to make sure people are careful,” he said. Warnings are voiced in Thai and English.

Local experts, notably Kongkiat Kittiwattanawong, director of the Phuket Marine Biological Center (PMBC) and the island's leading marine biologist, say the bites were caused by a small shark. “The nature of the attack was very brutal. There is speculation that the injuries were inflicted by a bull shark. But we cannot confirm exactly which species it is,” he said. The biologist also added that such attacks in Phuket are rare, but still happen – for example, in 2017, a Japanese tourist was bitten on the beach.

Recall that recently a shark panic happened at another resort, popular with our tourists, which is not well “famous” for shark attacks on tourists, including fatal ones. Read what happened in the article “Animal carcasses dumped in the sea near Sharm el-Sheikh: everyone is waiting for sharks and the start of mass attacks on tourists.”

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