Popular resort bans inflatable sex dolls to keep tourists from one country away

Popular resort banned inflatable sex dolls to keep out tourists from one country

Popular Spanish resort Malaga, extremely attractive , primarily for its parties and vibrant nightlife, has now banned the use of inflatable sex dolls and penis costumes to keep out tourists from the UK, known for their riotous holiday lifestyle.

Cheap flights and vibrant nightlife has previously made the Spanish resort extremely popular among British revelers, but now the local authorities want to crack down on the obscene antics of British vacationers who come to the resort for stag and hen parties.

To do this, the City Council has developed a plan according to which public nudity and the use of erotic objects will be banned in the popular province in southern Spain. According to the Daily Star, everyone will also be “banned from walking or staying on the streets in only their underwear, or with clothes or accessories that resemble genitals, or with dolls or items of a sexual nature.” All violators face serious fines – about 47 thousand rubles.

Despite the fact that the tourism sector brought in more than 500 billion rubles in ruble terms to Malaga last summer, Mayor Francisco de la Torre said he would no longer tolerate the status of a riotous resort. One aspect of the “crackdown” was the announcement in May earlier this year that noise sensors would be installed in hotel rooms to monitor guest noise.

Note that the Andalusian resort already has some deterrents to inappropriate behavior and uncivilized actions of tourists laws. For example, a ban on street drinking and urination in public places has been introduced.

British party-goers who ignore decent behavior are advised to stay in the UK and choose the city of York in North Yorkshire for parties, which has been recognized as the capital for some time. bachelorette parties in the country. However, even there, the locals are not enthusiastic about the behavior of revelers.

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