Popular with Russians, the country is ready to resume flights with Russia

A country popular with Russians is ready to resume flights with Russia

The country, popular with Russian tourists, has again started talking about the possibility of restoring air links with Russia. We are talking about Georgia. The fact that Tbilisi will only welcome if Russia decides to restore direct flights with Georgia, said Irakli Kobakhidze, chairman of Georgia's ruling Georgian Dream party. At the same time, as Interfax quotes, he did not forget to recall that the suspension of air traffic was a Russian initiative taken unilaterally.

“As for the resumption of flights, this is a sanction imposed by Russia. If unilateral sanctions are lifted by Russia, this will be welcomed by us in the interests of our fellow citizens and compatriots,” the publication quotes Mr. Kobakhidze as saying. At the same time, he recalled the comment of Grigory Karasin, Russian Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs, who stated that “on the issue of restoring flights, “it takes two to tango.” According to the Georgian politician, Russia made the decision unilaterally and will withdraw it in the same manner.

Recall that other countries also express interest in transportation from Russia. Tunisia is looking forward to the return of Russian tourists, where so far only Tunisian carriers fly, as a result, the tourist flow shows minimal volumes and this does not suit Tunisians. The National Tourism Authority of Tunisia, among other things, stated that it was ready to help tour operators resume charter flights, receive Russian tourists in the country in 2023 and attract airlines to the country. Read about Tunisia's plans in this material.

Another Middle Eastern country that announced the desirable restoration of flights with Russia on the current tourist map is not so well known – this is Lebanon, whose ambassador to Russia, Shawki Bou Nassar, said that Lebanon expects to restore air links with Russia – and separately, that the country hopes to receive Russian tourists. “I am sure that Russian tourists will really like Lebanon, because Lebanon, although small, is very rich in its diversity. We do not have deserts, but we have mountains, ski resorts and excellent beaches,” the ambassador said. Read more at this link.

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