Popular with tourists, the island is giving away 500,000 air tickets for free to lure travelers

The island, popular with tourists, will give away 500,000 air tickets for free to lure travelers

Hong Kong promised tourists an advertising campaign that opens the time for the removal of covid bans. According to local media, the promotion will involve 500,000 air tickets, which the authorities of China's special economic region are willing to distribute for free “to lure tourists back.” The story from local news agency Sing Tao was picked up by the Chinese media.

Hong Kong is eagerly waiting for the authorities to announce a return to normality plan in their October political address. But this will only happen if the situation with Covid-19 does not worsen significantly.

The government estimates that it will take one to two blocks for foreign tourists to return to Hong Kong, even after it cancels the remaining restrictions, including a three-day restriction on movement for tourists – while they are prohibited from visiting almost all infrastructure, that is, attractions, restaurants, etc.

The distribution of air tickets is one of the measures aimed at developing tourism, the publication adds . The sources of information, however, are not specified. As well as the countries from where they will “lure” tourists in such a generous way. However, this information is disseminated mainly by nearby countries, in particular Malaysia, so Russian tourists are unlikely to get these tickets…

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