Powerful explosions sow terror as tourists watch as smoke shrouds the ancient city

Powerful explosions sow horror: tourists watch the smoke shroud the ancient city

The streets of Rome were once again covered with smog, and so strong that the Eternal City sank into darkness. The cause was a major fire in the east of Rome, in the Centocelle area, after a series of pops or explosions. According to local media, several houses even had to be evacuated.

Screens with huge puffs of black smoke over the city were also published by eyewitnesses on social networks. They also report sounds similar to explosions near the park area where the incident occurred. In this area there is a park of the same name, as well as well-known television studios.

According to preliminary data, the fire broke out in a very fire-hazardous place – a car dismantling service building. The flames quickly spread due to strong winds. Local residents have reported a series of explosions caused by the fire.

Across Rome, city halls have asked residents and tourists to stay indoors and close windows. Residents of several houses on Via Fadda in Rome were even evacuated due to a fire, they were placed in temporary residences outside the danger zone. According to preliminary information, there are no victims.

Meanwhile, Turkey fears a repeat of last year's nightmarish fires. Already had to put out a fire in one of the most popular areas of the resort of Antalya – Konyaalti. Read the details at the link. Moreover, in Turkey they are sure that everything is not just like that. Law enforcement agencies of the republic say that they are continuing attempts to set fire to tourist recreation areas. For details, read the article “In Antalya, attempts to set fire to resorts continue.”

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