Prices for tourists in Turkish restaurants, which have been awarded Michelin stars, have become known

Prices for tourists in Michelin-starred restaurants in Turkey have become known

Prices for the tasting menu in Michelin-starred restaurants in Turkey, recently deserving “stars” from the famous French gourmet guide, start from 2 thousand Turkish liras (i.e. from the bar over 6.5 thousand rubles). Such data was presented in the Turkish media.

Recall that at the special Michelin Guide Istanbul 2023 awards ceremony, the Turkish restaurants included in the catalog were announced. In total, the attention of the Michelin guide was attracted by 53 restaurants where gourmets are recommended to look. And one institution – Turk Fatih Tutak was awarded as many as two stars out of three possible. Which means “so perfect food that it is worth including in the itinerary of the trip.” The criteria by which the “stars” are issued include the quality of the products, the mastery of cooking techniques, the harmony of tastes, the character of the chef in the kitchen, as well as the constant quality of serving dishes – to check the latter, the inspector visits the restaurant several times. Depending on the results, the institution can simply be listed or receive the same “Michelin stars”. Read more at this link.

Three stars – which among Turkish restaurants “did not light up”, mean that the cuisine of the institution is such that the restaurant itself can be a travel destination. Two stars, as already mentioned – that the restaurant should definitely be included in the itinerary of the trip. One star is that this restaurant is “very good in its area”. By the way, there are four of them in the “Turkish” Michelin – these are Araka, Mikla, Neolokal and Nicole.

The prices for their menus were presented in the Turkish travel media. And they are:

  • The winner – TURK Fatih Tutak offers a tasting menu for 2190 TL per person + the group will also have to pay 2450 TL with a 12 percent service fee.
  • Mikla restaurant, “combining Anatolian traditions with an innovative approach”, offers an a la carte menu that is constantly updated depending on the season, costs 600 Turkish liras (about 2 thousand rubles) + 12% service fee, and a tasting menu – 2 thousand 200 Turkish lira (approximately 7300 rubles).
  • In Neolokal, a three-course a la carte menu will cost 1500 Turkish liras (about 5 thousand rubles) + 12% service fee. A 6-course tasting menu will be around the same 2,000 liras.
  • In Araka, you can partake of haute cuisine cheaper – snacks from 240 liras (about 700 rubles) hot snacks from 430 liras (about 1,500 rubles) ), main dishes from 600 lira (i.e., about 2 thousand rubles). Of the named dishes, the inspectors recommended “pumpkin puree with warm olives in a spicy sauce” and drew attention to the “emphasis on seasonal vegetables and herbs.”
  • At Nikol, which also offers Turkish cuisine with an emphasis on Middle Eastern spices, the cost of dinner from 1400 lira, i.e. 4.6 thousand rubles per person.

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