Published a list of 14 countries that surrendered and lifted restrictions since May

The list of 14 countries that have surrendered and lifted restrictions since May has been published

Coronavirus continues to go off the agenda around the globe. At least 14 countries popular with tourists will either completely remove or ease restrictions as early as May. Somewhere this will affect the rules of entry, somewhere – simplification for the life of tourists in the country – i.e. they will cancel the mask regime and other measures.

A detailed list of countries that have lifted restrictions, compiled by ATOR experts, is as follows:

  1. Azerbaijan – cancels the mask regime. For entry, a vaccination certificate (including Sputnik V) or a certificate of a person who has been ill is still required, children under 18 are exempt from the requirement.
  2. Armenia – from May 1, the requirement to present a negative PCR test is canceled for coronavirus or vaccination certificate upon entry. Entry returns to dock-like rules – i.e. The tourist only needs a passport. Moreover, you can also enter Armenia with a Russian passport.
  3. Bulgaria is also canceling anti-COVID measures at the border. You can enter the country without restrictions. Tourists will need a visa. Read about the possibilities to get to Bulgaria here.
  4. Vietnam removed the requirement to provide a medical declaration upon entry from April 27. Tourists are only required to have a negative covid test before departure. True, there is still no direct transportation.
  5. Hong Kong will open to non-residents from May 1, but so far even the vaccinated are waiting for a week-long quarantine. Travel will require a vaccination certificate (including Sputnik V), a PCR test before departure, an antigen test upon arrival, and a hotel reservation for isolation.
  6. Kyrgyzstan cancels the requirement for limit of having a PCR test or vaccination certificate.
  7. From May 1, Colombia cancels the “vaccination qualification” when visiting public places and the mask regime, with the exception of transport and medical institutions. For entry into the country, foreigners are advised to carry a certificate of negative PCR test for covid taken 72 hours before arrival.
  8. Kuwait has lifted entry restrictions for the unvaccinated against COVID-19 and eliminated the requirement for PCR testing. The mask regime has been canceled, except for those who have symptoms of covid.
  9. Malaysia lifts most covid restrictions from May 1st. The vaccinated tourists – in Malaysia recognized as “Sputnik V” will not need to pass tests for covid before departure and after arrival. Tourists who are quarantined upon entry into the country will be able to terminate it ahead of schedule if the result of a rapid test on the fourth day is negative. Social distancing, outdoor mask regimen, “vaccine qualification” in restaurants and shops have been canceled, nightclubs and entertainment venues will reopen.
  10. Malta will no longer require the completion of a Passenger Locator Form (PLF) from 2 May. Masks will no longer be mandatory, except for air travel and medical facilities. To enter Malta, tourists, including Russians, will need a PCR test made 72 hours before departure. Visas are not issued yet, but they will be allowed under the open Schengen visa.
  11. Portugal has also abolished the mask regime everywhere, except for public transport and medical facilities. But Portugal does not allow Russians for tourism purposes and does not issue visas.
  12. Turkey is canceling the mask regime indoors. Tourists will only need masks in public transport and medical facilities.
  13. Switzerland will remove all entry restrictions from May 2. Covid restrictions in the country itself have been lifted since April – masks are not required to be worn, the vaccine requirement in tourist places has also been canceled. At the same time, the Swiss TLS visa center in Moscow has been accepting visa applications since May 2.
  14. Jamaica – all restrictions imposed due to the pandemic have been lifted, it is no longer required to have a negative test for coronavirus, the mask regime has also been canceled.< /li>

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