Putting an end to a hateful scheme: Thailand's tourism minister calls for change

End hateful scheme: Thai tourism minister calls for change

Tourism Thailand Phipat Ratchakit Prakan. According to him, the abolition of this rule will provide Thailand with at least 30 thousand tourists a day.

Recall that at the moment, before going to Thailand, tourists must apply for a Thailand Pass. To do this, they must provide their passport and vaccination information, as well as proof of $10,000 health insurance, which must include coverage for Covid treatment while in Thailand. After that, the system generates a Thailand Pass QR code, which the tourist will need at least to enter the country.

The Minister of Tourism said that at the next meeting of the Covid-19 Situation Management Center he will try to push the Prime Minister Minister Prayut Chan-Ocha to cancel this pass. He is confident that this will immediately boost the number of tourists to the country.

“Once the Thailand Pass is cancelled, I am confident that the number of daily tourist arrivals will rise to around 30,000 per day. Further, the number of tourists may increase to 40-50 thousand already this year,” the minister said. He also recalled that this figure is about half of the dock volumes – in 2019, the largest number of daily arrivals was 100 thousand tourists.

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