Queen Elizabeth II was the most traveled monarch in the world, being the sovereign of 14 Commonwealth states.

Queen Elizabeth II was the most traveled monarch in the world, being the sovereign of 14 Commonwealth states

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, who passed away on September 8, 2022, was one of the most traveled monarchs in the world. The Commonwealth was her proudest legacy, the Express newspaper reported. Consider which countries are still members of this union.

Help: The Commonwealth of Nations is a voluntary association of sovereign states, which includes Great Britain and almost all of its former dominions, colonies and protectorates. Since the Commonwealth is not a political union, it is considered that membership in it does not allow the UK to exert any political influence on other members. The term “Commonwealth of Nations” was coined by British Prime Minister Lord Roseberry in 1884. At the conference of prime ministers of Great Britain and the British possessions in 1926, the Balfour Declaration was adopted, in which Great Britain and the dominions recognized that these states have “equal status and are not dependent on one another in any aspect of their domestic or foreign policy , despite the fact that they share a common loyalty to the Crown and free membership in the British Commonwealth of Nations.

Spanning Africa, Asia, America, Europe and the Pacific, the Commonwealth countries had one thing in common and that was Queen Elizabeth II and now her son, Charles III. She was the head of the Commonwealth, a voluntary association of 54 independent countries. The Queen was the sovereign of 14 kingdoms, with the exception of Great Britain. These include Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Bahamas, Belize, Canada, Grenada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Solomon Islands and Tuvalu.< /p>

The Queen's role in the alliance has been described as “symbolic and unifying”, helping to bring people around the world together, and the Commonwealth itself exists to promote international cooperation and trade ties. Here, even the smallest countries are given a say in “shaping the Commonwealth”.

However, along with these meetings, Queen Elizabeth II herself made visits to these countries to meet with important figures and citizens. Through these visits, she hoped to strengthen ties. During her reign, the Queen made over 200 visits to Commonwealth countries. Moreover, she visited all the countries of the Commonwealth, with the exception of Cameroon, which joined the association in 1995, and Rwanda, which joined in 2009. She has also made several return trips to these countries over the years. In fact, about a third of all her foreign visits were to Commonwealth countries.

Prince Philip also frequently joined his wife or traveled alone to visit Commonwealth countries. While the Queen of Great Britain in the last years of her life refused foreign visits, the younger members of the royal family – Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry – took on most of this responsibility and they were the ones who made special trips. However, the Queen of Great Britain kept her finger on the pulse and spoke frequently with the Commonwealth Secretary General and her secretariat to keep abreast of developments in the international group.

Since 1977, Commonwealth Day has been celebrated on the second Monday in March. The Queen was reported to attend a special event each year. “I have behind me not only magnificent traditions and more than a thousand years of chronicles, but also the living power and greatness of the Commonwealth and the Empire; societies old and new; countries and races, different in history and origin, but all, thanks to God's Will, one in spirit and purpose, ”Elizabeth II once said.

Below is a complete list of 54 Commonwealth countries:

< p>Africa

  1. Botswana
  2. Cameroon
  3. Gambia
  4. Ghana
  5. Kenya
  6. Kingdom of Eswatini
  7. Lesotho
  8. Malawi
  9. Mauritius
  10. Mozambique
  11. Namibia
  12. Nigeria
  13. Rwanda
  14. Seychelles
  15. Sierra Leone
    South Africa
  16. Uganda
  17. United Republic of Tanzania
  18. Zambia< /li>


  1. Bangladesh
  2. Brunei Darussalam
  3. India
  4. Malaysia
  5. Maldives
  6. Pakistan
  7. Singapore
  8. Sri Lanka

Caribbean and the Americas

  1. Antigua and Barbuda
  2. Bahamas
  3. Barbados
  4. Belize
  5. Canada
  6. Dominica
  7. Grenada
  8. Guyana
  9. Jamaica
  10. Saint Lucia
  11. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  12. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  13. Trinidad and Tobago


  1. Cyprus< /li>
  2. Malta
  3. UK
  4. Pacific
  5. Australia
  6. Fiji
  7. Kiribati
  8. Nauru
  9. New Zealand
  10. Papua New Guinea
  11. Samoa
  12. Solomon Islands
  13. Tonga
  14. Tuvalu
  15. Vanuatu

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