Railway workers decided to strengthen the collapse at airports: tourism in Europe plunges into endless traffic jams

Railroad workers decided to intensify the collapse at airports: tourism in Europe plunges into endless traffic jams

Railway workers may also join the massive air strikes promised to Europe in July. So far, only employees of the British railway operator Network Rail, which is responsible for rail transportation from London, have announced the start of strikes, but, as in the case of the aviation chaos, the strikes are likely to spread to Europe. An additional element of chaos will be introduced by those tourists who try to bypass the collapse in their own vehicles, local media predict. As a result, tourists will receive only a natural negative – and, possibly, advice not to visit some cities.

As a result, tourism in Europe will massively get stuck in traffic jams, they assure. The said strike in the UK, voted en masse by members of the National Union of Railway, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT), will be the largest in the UK in the last thirty years. It started on Tuesday, and the railway workers are also planning to strike on June 23 and 25. However, Network Rail warned that disruptions could last for up to six days due to a domino effect on the days in between. The reason for the strike is the demand for higher wages due to inflation.

Tourists have already been advised not to travel unnecessarily. Including on personal transport – as a logical consequence of the strikes will be massive traffic jams. Among the most affected may be the main highways, especially those leading to resort areas. In Scotland and Wales, tourists are generally threatened with long lines on the roads since most of the railway lines there will be closed during the strike on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Recall that massive air strikes have already been announced in Europe – how much, what about them warned even Russian tourists. For details on where a tourist risks getting stuck and losing tickets – read the link.

Moreover, the chaos and collapse caused by economic difficulties have intensified so much that some cities are simply not recommended for tourists to visit. Read the details at the link.

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