Ray of hope: trouble in Thailand turned into great prospects for tourism

Ray of hope: trouble in Thailand turned into great prospects for tourism

The economic crisis “reached out” to Thailand – the local currency depreciated to 38 baht per dollar. Experts are trying to find a positive side to this trouble, in particular stating that the weakening of the baht is one of several important factors making Thai tourism more attractive to foreigners in post-pandemic times. This was stated by the President of the Thailand Hotel Association (THA) Marissa Nunbhakdi.

She recalled that from October Thailand cancels all “entry schemes” such as “Test & Go” and “Thailand Pass” – as a result of which “there was a momentum to open the borders.” “A weaker baht could help the tourism industry as tourists can now spend more money in Thailand,” she said. Although, on the other hand, she fears that the weak baht will not be able to offset the increased transport costs. She said that the surge in airfare has seriously affected the number of foreign tourists flying into the kingdom, she added.

In total, about 5 million tourists arrived in Thailand. Experts expect that their number will begin to grow from October due to the lifting of restrictions and the start of the high season. As for the situation with the Thai currency, as noted in the local media, the last time the baht collapsed to such a low rate was 16 years ago. And this time, the fall was faster than expected.

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