Remote operator rented a cabin on a cruise ship for 20 million rubles for 12 years

Remote worker rented a cabin on a cruise ship for 20 million rubles for 12 years

Foreigner Austin Wells, who got a remote job in a large an American company, said that he rented a cabin for 12 years on a unique cruise superliner MV Narrative for 20 million rubles in order to work there for the next years and at the same time travel the world.

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, working from home has become much more common in many countries around the world, including Russia. The 28-year-old San Diego native and IT specialist decided to take advantage of the terms of employment and take remote work to the next level – he will live on and work on a luxury cruise ship for at least three years, traveling the world. He told CNBC about this.

It is known that the luxury ship-city is not yet ready to launch, the construction of a grandiose project, authored by the Australian startup Storylines, will have not only cabin-apartments with an area of ​​22, but also 20 restaurants and bars, gyms with a total area of ​​1 thousand square meters. m2, 3 swimming pools, laundries, spas, bowling alley, school, bank and co-working space spread over 18 decks. It is expected that the ship will go on a permanent voyage in two years, i.е. in 2025. In the meantime, specialists in Split (Croatia) are working on it.

Guests can indeed travel in luxury if they choose to. For example, according to the project, the area of ​​the largest residence on board will be 600 sq.m. The cabin house will be divided into two levels and will include four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large balcony, a dining room for six people and a dressing room.

When the ship sets sail, the ship will have 500 separate rooms and suites, in which there may be about 1,000 tourist residents, more or less permanently residing on board. The telecommuter said he was renting the 72 sqm Discover Studio with a rollaway bed, storage room, desk and private shower room.

“What excites me the most is that I don’t have to change my daily routine to see the world. I'm moving away from this model where you want to go somewhere, pack your bag, get on a plane, rent a room. Now my apartment, my gym, my doctors and dentists, all my grocery stores travel the world with me,” Austin told the TV channel.

The man intends to work at night when the ship is in Europe, so he will have the opportunity to walk around the cities during the daytime. It was specified that MV Narrative would be moored in ports for approximately 3-5 days and travel around Europe and beyond the Arctic Circle.

At the time, co-founder and CEO Alistair Punton realized that large ships tend to give up for recycling, but they can be used without disposal – just repair, repurpose and invite entire families on a long trip.

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