Restaurants in Turkey said that problems began with Russian tourists

Restaurants in Turkey said that there are problems with Russian tourists

Servicing Russian tourists in Turkish restaurants has caused problems. Complaints from local businessmen followed the news of the Turkish Republic's economic recovery after a noticeable and painful decline during the coronavirus pandemic.

As the Turkish media explained, one of the victims due to the outflow of tourists from the Russian Federation was the owner of a fish restaurant on the banks of the Bosphorus in Istanbul, who expressed his concerns. He noted that the main income of his institution consists of the costs of foreign visitors. But in 2022, he and his colleagues faced some difficulties in hosting.

The owner of the restaurant said that there were serious problems with Russian credit cards in Turkey. “Russians come to a restaurant, they want to pay with cards, but our terminals refuse to accept them. Everyone is upset, I'm upset – my client is too. The Russians have a difficult situation,” he said.

The entrepreneur also drew attention to the fact that about 50 percent of his profits come from the Russian tourist flow. According to him, the Turkish economy is in a deplorable state – the inflation rate in the country now exceeds 80%. But Russian citizens who come to the popular resort republic are helping to stabilize it.

The other day, Alexan Mkrtchyan, Vice President of the Alliance of Russian Travel Agencies (ATA), said that Turkish hotels were advised not to accept cards from the Russian MIR payment system from September 15, 2022. Although this recommendation is not mandatory. Recall that this week Russian travelers spoke about problems with the cards of the domestic payment system in Turkey (details here).

Earlier in August, the United States threatened the Turkish authorities with the imposition of penalties against Turkish companies that would work with Russians and organizations subject to sanctions. Then Ankara dispelled these fears, noting that it would develop trade with its neighbors, while not contradicting the sanctions. According to official data, the Russian Federation became the second largest source of income for Turkey's key tourism sector in 2022, with almost 2.2 million visitors in the first 7 months.

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