Roskachestvo found out when it is cheapest for Russians to buy tickets

Roskachestvo found out when it is cheapest for Russians to buy air tickets

“Myths and Reality” in the matter of buying tickets was checked by experts from Roskachestvo and found out when it is cheapest for Russians to buy air tickets. A myth, for example, was a different price on different days of the week. But the opinion that buying tickets at night is cheaper than during the day turned out to be true.

“During the study, some myths were debunked. For example, that buying tickets on different days of the week may be different. It was also assessed what discounts are provided when purchasing tickets at night and daytime. This “myth” was confirmed: buying tickets at night, in general, can cost the buyer less than buying tickets during the day,” Elena Saratseva, deputy head of Roskachestvo, said in an interview with TASS.

For this test, a full “survey” of eight popular flight booking services was conducted on more than 140 indicators, most of which related to the functionality of applications. As a result, experts positively assessed such services as Aviasales, Yandex Travel and Ozon.

As for the lower prices for nightly ticket purchases, Yandex.Travel experts revealed the secret. According to them, as soon as a potential tourist presses the search button on a travel service, dozens and hundreds of search queries are sent to different systems. “Almost all airlines use dynamic pricing systems that are sensitive to fluctuations in interest – search queries on travel services. Thus, at times of increased demand, the system may issue a higher price – with a high degree of probability this may coincide with daily rhythms, since users are less likely to search and buy tickets at night, ”the experts explained to the agency.

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