Rostourism told how they will take out Russian tourists stuck abroad

Rosturizm told how they will take out Russian tourists stuck abroad

80% of stranded tourists have already been taken out of foreign countries – Rostourism reported about this. Tourists were also listed the countries from which export flights are organized. They were also reminded that the process of organizing export flights is a “complicated and lengthy process”, and they were informed that recommendations for independent tourists, if possible, to get out on their own remain in force.

“With the support of Rostourism, to date, tour operators have ensured the return home of more than 80% of our organized tourists – about 75 thousand people. Over the past 24 hours alone, it has been possible to ensure the export of more than 1.5 thousand organized tourists, ”the official website of Rostourism reported. According to the agency, at the moment, most tourists stay in Egypt, as well as in Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the Dominican Republic. There are tourists in Southeast Asian countries – Vietnam and Thailand

Tourists were informed that charter flights from the following countries are under approval:

  1. Dominican Republic,
  2. Egypt,
  3. Turkey,
  4. UAE,
  5. Thailand
  6. Vietnam.

“In order to receive all the operational information on these flights, organized tourists need to keep in constant contact with their tour operator,” the Federal Tourism Agency said. They also reminded travelers that due to the limited number of planes available, with no risks of being seized at overseas airports or having their insurance terminated, repatriation flights are “a complex and lengthy process that takes longer than we would like.” “For the period of waiting for return flights, tour operators place their tourists in hotels and help them resolve other issues that arise, including extending their legal stay in the country,” the Federal Tourism Agency added.

Independent tourists were advised to “keep in touch with their original air carrier,” and also added that the Ministry of Transport and the Federal Air Transport Agency, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Rostourism and a number of other departments, are primarily involved in their return. “If independent tourists waiting for a return flight need to extend the period of legal stay in the country, they can contact the consular department of the Russian diplomatic mission,” the experts added.

By the way, according to the calculations of the Federal Tourism Agency, more than 10.5 thousand independent tourists filled out the feedback form for stuck tourists at the State Services. Moreover, about 9 thousand are those tourists who had return tickets, but the flights did not take place. “Most independent tourists are in Thailand. There are also our independent tourists in Egypt, in Latin America, in the United Arab Emirates and the Maldives, and in a number of other countries,” the experts added.

They also recalled the “export” flights of Aeroflot from Egypt , Sri Lanka, Turkey, as well as from the UAE, Thailand and the Seychelles. Departures are scheduled for the following dates:

  • March 16 from Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh, Colombo and Antalya,
  • March 17 – from Istanbul and Phuket, as well as from Dubai,
  • March 18 – from Bangkok
  • March 19 from Victoria.

“Aeroflot passengers who have round-trip tickets, which have already been transported on the segment from Russia, will be able to use these flights at no additional charge. Passengers of other airlines need to clarify the possibilities and conditions of travel on these flights from their original carriers,” the Federal Tourism Agency added. They also clarified that the department, together with tour operators, is trying to take out part of independent tourists – but only “if possible, if there are free seats.” So independent tourists – “who have such an opportunity and do not have time to wait” are advised to independently get out through third countries. As a reminder, you can read the full list of countries and carriers here

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