Russia has found a way to resume flights to 10 countries at once: dates and routes announced

Russia has found a way to resume flights to 10 countries at once: dates and routes announced

A hub for Superjets for trips abroad is planned to be created in Sochi by Aeroflot's subsidiary, the Rossiya airline, and its launch has already been promised at the end of March. Flights are planned to Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Uzbekistan, Iran, Kazakhstan.

“The General Director of Rossiya, Sergey Aleksandrovsky, recently ordered his subordinates to start flying Superjet 100 aircraft from Sochi to the cities of Kazakhstan in order to expand the airline’s network , Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Israel,” the telegram channel reported.

We are talking about flights on Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft, which should “take off” from March 25 from Sochi to Alma-Amata, Antalya, Yerevan, Cairo, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, etc. From April 12, flights are planned from Sochi to Bodrum, Dalaman and back. including due to the advantageous geographical location for a transit hub between different parts of the country and proximity to southern foreign resorts, which will increase passenger traffic. Connecting flights from Moscow are also likely.

Now the sharpest advantage is that SSJ-100s are registered in the aviation register of the Russian Federation and insured by domestic insurance companies, which will allow carriers to fulfill all their obligations to all passengers of international flights. However, they predict that due to the “design features” of the aircraft – it has only 100 seats – tickets will not be cheap. Experts note that now RedWings is asking for more than 44 thousand rubles for a flight on the SSJ100 on the route Moscow – Antalya. per person one way.

Let us remind you that at least two carriers have already used the available fleet of Superjets: Azimuth starts operating flights abroad on Mineralnye Vody Superjets to Tel Aviv and Dubai – details at the link . And Red Wings went to the Turkish hub and planned flights from Moscow to Istanbul on domestic SSJ100 aircraft.

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