Russian airlines allowed to fly abroad on new routes

Russian airlines were allowed to fly abroad on new routes

New admissions to foreign countries accessible to Russian tourists, including Turkey, although not to resorts, but Russian carriers received new routes on new routes . According to the order of the Federal Air Transport Agency, we are talking about the airlines Red Wings, Russia and Azimuth. But flights to resort Europe – Cyprus and Greece – on the contrary, received a revocation of previously issued permits.

The details are as follows. As for the permits:

  • Red Wings has received permission to fly from Orenburg to Azerbaijan, specifically to Baku. Permission issued for flights 5 times a week. Interestingly, this airline also received admission to the Chinese resort of Sanya, which is still inaccessible to ordinary Russian tourists – the carrier was allowed to fly there from Novosibirsk.
  • Permission to fly to Turkey is very unusual. It was received by the Azimuth airline, which was allowed to fly from Moscow to Samsun, a port city on the Black Sea, which, although developing as a resort, is not very well known to Russian tourists.
  • Finally, a/c “Russia » allowed to increase the number of flights from Samara to Yerevan – up to seven times a week.

As for the refusals, they are all issued by the Red Wings airline and they all relate to European resort destinations. We are talking about flights to Greece and Cyprus from Vologograd, as well as to Cyprus from Saratov.

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