Russian airlines have applied for flights to a new country: the date of the first flights has been announced

Russian airlines have applied for flights to a new country: the date of the first flights has been announced

ТThe topic of “restarting” flights from Russia to Cyprus – we are talking, of course, about the unrecognized Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus – has once again been “updated” in the Turkish information space. The Minister of Public Works and Transport of the unrecognized republic, Erhan Arikly, said that there is a demand for direct flights from three countries, including Russian airlines have applied for flights to the new country. Moreover, the minister even named approximate dates for the opening of flights. This information was presented to its readers by the Turkish newspaper Turizmajansi.

According to her, Mr. Arikly said that Cyprus was ready for international flights, Ercan Airport was actually completed on November 15th. He indicated the expected date of the flights on July 20, and the test flights will begin in February.

At the same time, the minister assured that they received requests for direct flights from 3 different countries, and these are Russia, as well as Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan. “Negotiations were held, but these flights could not be implemented due to serious pressure from Russia,” the minister added.

Recall the history of the issue: the topic of delivering Russian tourists to the Turkish, northern part of Cyprus was discussed from the beginning of autumn to the end of October, and the authorities of the unrecognized republic repeatedly announced the agreements reached. In reality, the project stalled, never really started. Even at the stage of the tender, the Turkish Anex Group, “represented” by its new airline Mavi Gök Aviation, based in Antalya, refused to participate in the project of the airline of Northern Cyprus, which was counted on as a carrier.

In these plans, it was assumed that a national airline would be created on the Turkish part of the island, which should already undertake a “test flight” at the end of October. Announcing this, the Minister of Public Works and Transport of Northern Cyprus, Erhan Arykly, among other things, assured that “there are no legal obstacles to the landing of Russian aircraft” at Ercan Airport, and moreover, negotiations are allegedly already underway with two Russian airlines on flights to the territory of Northern Cyprus. Cyprus.

Further, details about this airline appeared in the media. The future airline of Northern Cyprus was named Mavi Kyrenia Airlines. It was also stated that the future carrier is in a “family” relationship with “Blue Sky Aviation”, created by Anex in Turkey. At the same time, Anex Group itself owns 51% of the airline's assets. It was also emphasized that Anex is one of the tour operators of Turkish origin operating in Russia, and it was “clearly hinted” that flights would fly from Russia to Northern Cyprus with a “stop” in Turkey. Although Russian officials denied the fact of such an agreement. Read the details at this link.

As a result, Mavi Gök Aviation Aneksa, as it turned out, refused to participate in the tender. The same TRNC Minister of Public Works and Transport, Erhan Arıklı, said it was difficult to establish a new airline in the country after Mavi Gök Aviation withdrew from the tender. He explained that the company’s refusal was “due to the delay in the process and the problems that arose, especially after the winter period.” He also mentioned some “absurd claims” and stated that in the end the parties could not reach an agreement.

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