Russian Ambassador to Thailand addresses Russian tourists

Russian Ambassador to Thailand addressed Russian tourists

The Ambassador of the Russian Federation made an important statement to Russian travelers who cannot travel to their homeland due to unprecedented sanctions pressure from Western countries. Those wishing to stay will be provided with assistance and humanitarian assistance, some of the compatriots flew out on March 17 on an export flight, the rest of those who wish to leave home are helped as soon as possible, the representative of the department noted in his appeal. The message of the Russian Ambassador to Thailand to the Russians is published on the website of the Russian Embassy in the Kingdom of Thailand.

The Russian Embassy in Bangkok is working with the Thai tourism authorities to help Russians stuck in Thai resorts after flight cancellations and problems with bank transfers.

“The Embassy is aware of your problems and is making efforts to resolve them as soon as possible,” the diplomat reassured his compatriots.

At a press conference, the Russian ambassador reported that 1,500 visa extension letters had been issued for about 6,500 Russians stuck on the whole country. The news comes after the Russian consulate in Phuket announced earlier this month that Russians in Phuket could extend their legal stay one month longer than their original visa allowed.

In addition, the issue of export flights is being worked out in cooperation between the governments of Russia and Thailand. “The public services website keeps a record of everyone who wants to return to our country [Russia], but this is not an easy job, it will require the coordination of a number of departments, as well as aviation companies, and all this in the face of unprecedented sanctions pressure,” he noted.

< p>In the meantime, those who are forced to stay and wait, in anticipation of a resolution of the situation, are conditionally divided into two groups: those who can independently provide themselves with housing and essential goods – they are offered inexpensive housing, as well as those who have run out of money. The diplomats of the embassy, ​​with the support of local authorities and volunteers, pay special attention to the second group of Russians, providing humanitarian assistance to those in need (free accommodation and meals). On these issues, Russians who need help, the ambassador recommended contacting the consulates at the place of stay of tourists.

It also became known that the domestic airline I Fly Airlines planned the first export flight from Phuket to Moscow on March 17. According to the diplomat, Aeroflot sent notifications to the passengers of this flight.

Last week, the Thai ambassador to Russia urged the Thai tourism authorities to adapt to the needs of Russians stuck in the kingdom. He suggested that food tourism advertise more affordable meals, not just delicacies. He also noted that Russians should be able to use cryptocurrency as payment in Thailand.

At the same time, the president of the Phuket Tourism Association proposed three possible payment methods that Russians could use:

  1. Allow Thai commercial banks to support the Russian Mir payment system. This issue is being addressed.
  2. Allow the use of Chinese payment systems such as Union Pay.
  3. Allow the use of cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

Officials from the Tourism Authority of Thailand noted that there are currently 3,100 Russian tourists on Phuket, more than 2,000 on Koh Samui, and there are vacationers in other resorts: in Krabi, Phang Nga and Bangkok.

Formerly a diplomat drew attention to the fact that although Thailand voted for a UN resolution calling on Russia to stop the special operation in Ukraine, this will not affect diplomatic relations between Russia and Thailand.

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