Russian hotels decided to play monkey, taking Turkish hotels as an example

Russian hotels have decided to act ape, taking Turkish hotels as an example

Russian hotels have decided to “take an example” from Turkish hotels – accommodation prices will rise up to 15%. Such statistics were presented by the Minister of Economic Development of Russia Maxim Reshetnikov, speaking about the high season in the summer months. Having decided that domestic tourists will not go anywhere in these conditions, the hotels “decided to play a monkey”.

According to Mr. Reshetnikov, in July this year, according to their estimates, the average cost of living in hotels across the country will 8-15% higher than in the summer of 2022. “The cost of staying in a 3-star hotel in July may exceed an average of 4,700 rubles, with an increase of 8% compared to last year,” he explained. He also added that in connection with all the sanctions and restrictions, many even wealthy tourists “began to prefer spending their holidays in Russia.” This trend primarily increased the demand for 4-5 star hotels in the countries, which in turn led to higher prices. There, an 8% increase in prices was noted already in March, and most likely, it will continue in the summer – at an even faster pace.

At the same time, we recall that in Turkey, consumer inflation data for April turned out to be shocking both for travelers , and for the local tourist industry: compared to the same period last year, hotels have risen in price by 66.41% at once. The corresponding report was published by the Turkish Statistics Institute (TÜIK). Prices in restaurants and hotels have increased over the year by 66.41% compared to last year. Read more at this link.

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