Russian low-cost airline launched a sale of tickets for 100 rubles

Russian low-cost airline launched a sale of air tickets for 100 rubles

A large-scale sale, which Pobeda low-cost airline launched on the Day of the 100th anniversary of Russian civil aviation, will last until February 15. As reported on the official website of the carrier, more than 100 destinations within Russia participate in the sale. At the same time, tickets can be purchased at an unprecedented price of 100 rubles… The truth is not so simple.

The promotion will last from February 9 to February 15, 2023 and applies to flights from February 10 to October 26, 2023. – also informs the carrier. At the same time, the conditions of the sale are quite original: “During the promotion period, destinations encrypted in the form of a rebus will be published on the official Telegram channel of the airline. To participate, you need to guess the direction and purchase a ticket on the official website at a special price – 100 rubles, including all airport taxes. At least 100 seats will be allocated for each destination at a special rate,” the special website states.

For example, at the moment, such an offer is posted on the airline’s Telegram channel for tourists. It is offered to fly to the “largest metropolis”, “the city on the Neva” and the “Pearl of the Black Sea” from the cities “where they like posikunchiki, beshbarmak, the word multifora”.

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