Russian low-cost airline returns to Turkey: it became known where and when Pobeda will fly

Russian low-cost airline returns to Turkey: it became known where and when Pobeda will fly

The Russian low-cost carrier Pobeda plans to return foreign routes – in early December, Pobeda will again fly to Turkey. First of all, Antalya is in the plans, there are already details on these flights. Experts note that the demand is likely to be both from tourists and from “those who bought real estate in Turkey”. This information was presented by Kommersant and picked up by the Turkish media.

As experts of the publication emphasize, Pobeda remained the only major carrier that did not resume flights abroad. And now an application has been submitted to the Federal Air Transport Agency – we are talking about the launch of daily flights to Antalya, starting from December 23. This information was announced to Kommersant in the Ministry of Transport. As for Istanbul, “a source close to the Aeroflot group said that the airline is also discussing the possibility of resuming flights to Istanbul, “but no decision has been made yet.”

Kommersant experts also remind that Pobeda has completely suspended flights abroad since March 8, and flights have not resumed in the summer “due to the problem of double registration of Pobeda aircraft in both Bermuda and Russian registries.” However, according to Kommersant experts, in the summer, Pobeda managed to remove aircraft belonging to foreign subsidiaries of VTB Leasing and Sber Leasing from registration with the Bermuda aviation register. As a result, Pobeda will be able to fly abroad without the risk of arrest of liners – and during the introduction of air sanctions, this happened to the carrier three times.

At the same time, part of the Russian carriers returned to Turkey in the spring, the publication adds. He started on flights to Istanbul on Red Wings Superjets, followed by Azimuth, IrAero and Rossiya (from Sochi). Aeroflot has resumed regular flights to Antalya and Istanbul since May. Azur Air and S7 also took off.

Experts added “Kommersant” that there is a need for flights and their loading will be ensured. Pobeda will be able to offer more attractive and competitive conditions for a direct flight from Moscow than Rossiya, they note. The low-cost airline will also be helped by high demand during the New Year holidays and Russians “who bought up real estate in Turkish resorts.”

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