Russian pensioner spent the whole winter in Thailand and calculated her expenses

Russian pensioner spent the whole winter in Thailand and calculated her expenses

A Russian pensioner presented a detailed calculation of expenses for the whole winter in Thailand on her blog in Yandex.Zen. According to her, she and her husband lived in Pattaya from the end of November to the end of February, exactly 90 days, and flew to Ho Chi Minh City for 3 days to renew visa stamps, and also went to the city of Rayong for the New Year holidays.

< p> “How much we spent on all this, now I’ll tell you. All prices are for two people! I indicate prices in baht, I translate into rubles at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on 03/09/2023 (1 baht = 2.15 rubles),” the blogger explained, before citing the main expenses.

  • Flights: 104 thousand rubles. They included tickets Moscow – Bangkok – Moscow, by Etihad airline, with a change in Abu Dhabi, which were purchased in July 2022 for 84 thousand rubles, as well as tickets Bangkok – Ho Chi Minh City – Bangkok for a visa run for 16 with -thousand rubles
  • Visas and insurance from tourists did not require money. Since tourists chose Vietnam for a visa run, where Russian citizens do not need a visa (they put a stamp for 15 days). They also entered Thailand with a stamp for 45 days. As for insurance, it was attached to the Tinkoff card for tourists – although it is valid only for 45 days, but then the tourists took a chance and decided not to take out insurance.
  • Accommodation: 70 thousand rubles. In this paragraph, tourists included all costs, including a mini-hotel in Moscow for a day – 2400 rubles; renting a studio in a condominium in Pattaya for 3 months – 24,000 baht (51,600 rubles); payment for electricity and water by meters for 3 months – 1900 baht (4000 rubles); a hotel for the first night in Pattaya – 400 baht (900 rubles), a hotel in Rayong with breakfast for 3 nights – 3350 baht (7200 rubles) and a hotel in Ho Chi Minh City for 3 nights – 1 million dong (3000 rubles)
  • Mobile communications and the Internet: 7500 rubles. from an AIS operator's SIM card with unlimited internet. In the first month, a card with an Internet package cost 350 baht, in subsequent months they paid 300 baht. “And our laptop broke in Pattaya. We paid 2,500 baht for repairs,” the blogger added.
  • Products: 46 thousand rubles. “In the first month, we filled the refrigerator with food, tried a lot of things and spent 11,350 baht on it. In the second month, we went to Rayong and Ho Chi Minh City, bought less food and spent 6140 baht. In the third month, we all finished eating. We spent only 3,800 baht on groceries,” the blogger said.
  • Cafe: 24.5 thousand rubles. As the author of the blog stated, on average, they left “in cafes, night markets, food courts, macaroons” from 3.2 to 4.7 thousand baht per month.
  • Household goods and household: 3 thousand rubles. The blogger included “some household trifles” in this: washing powder, soap, shampoo, dishwashing detergent, sponges, as well as washing clothes in a self-service laundry (1 wash – 40 baht). Another 1 thousand rubles. the tourists went to the pharmacy, because on arrival they were “slightly ill”, but they bought all the medicines in local pharmacies and recovered after a few days.
  • Transport: 10,500 rubles. “These are all domestic movements by buses, tuk-tuks, metro and taxis,” the blogger explained
  • Sauna and massage – 8 thousand rubles. “We are lovers of the Russian bath and hamam. Therefore, even in Pattaya, we went to saunas and baths. Visited several times three different baths. But I went for a massage only 2 times: for a foot massage and for a Thai massage, ”the blogger said.
  • Excursions – 5000 rubles. This category includes an excursion to the Temple of Truth in Pattaya – 1000 baht for two; climb to the observation deck in the Bitexo tower in Ho Chi Minh City – 200 thousand dong (600 rubles) for one; three trips to Koh Lan – 400 baht. for tuk-tuks and ferries; as well as two trips to military beaches – 170 + 380 = 550 baht.

As a result, the amount turned out to be 290 thousand rubles, while tourists from Moscow will cost 14 thousand rubles. cheaper due to hotels and tickets to get to Moscow — the blogger estimated. “You can save a lot on a visa run if you just go to the nearest border checkpoint in Cambodia or Laos on your own. Yes, and you can go to a cafe not as often as we did, but cook more at home, ”the expert also notes.

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