Russian pensioners were told what kind of life in Thailand they can expect with their pension

Russian pensioners were told what kind of life they can expect in Thailand with their pension

Russian pensioners with a pension of 12'000. rubles, who want to make drastic changes in everyday life, can apply for life in Thailand by the sea, but with significant constraints. For example, meals once. A Russian traveler shared details about potential costs in her Yandex.Zen channel.

According to the tourist, housing in Thailand is the main expense item for a pensioner who wants to live in the tropics on a meager pension. “Here the price tag is moving around, but you can easily find housing for 6,000-7,000 thousand rubles by the sea, and for a long time you can easily bring down the price to 5,000 rubles with Wi-Fi, where all the necessary infrastructure will be nearby: lounge ( laundries), shops, cafes, and the beach is within easy reach. The housing will be in the form of a bungalow, but it will remain private, with a fan and a separate toilet room. You can definitely find a strong, normal house with the same conditions: with a kitchen, with a toilet and Wi-Fi. Even in Russia, for 7,000 rubles you won't find a decent place to live, and in Thailand, not everything is lost,” she said.

The tourist distributed most of the remaining 6,000 rubles for food. If you eat once a day and do not buy too much, then a pensioner will spend 3,600 rubles on food. “On average, a portion of food in Thailand costs 120 rubles, you can find cheaper or more expensive. This is a full meal of a large portion of food – everything that the Thais love. On the day you can afford fruits and drinks. Bananas 40-50 rubles, yogurt 800 ml can be bought for 60 rubles. Cookies or sweets can be bought here for 10-20 rubles. This will be enough,” the Russian woman quoted the price tag.

At the same time, she noted that hot weather dulls the need for sweets, so you don’t have to spend too much. However, those who want to eat more than once a day cannot survive on 12,000 rubles in Thailand.

Moreover, “in addition to the need for food and housing, we also need a local SIM card, which is 200-400 rubles a month. As well as household chemicals. On average, this is 500-800 rubles – for soap, shampoo, toilet paper, and so on, ”the girl warned.
What you should definitely worry about in advance is the purchase of an insurance policy. With him, medicine in Thailand will be cheap.

According to a compatriot, any tourist who is 50 years old and who has issued a special retirement visa issued for a year will be considered a pensioner in Thailand. However, it can be extended from year to year.

The girl noted that being in the country of smiles, she sees a huge number of older people. “This should not surprise me, because life is really affordable in Thailand, but it surprises me how the pensioners themselves were not afraid of a new life in a foreign country, flew here and settled for a long time. The best scenario in such a life is to rent your own apartment in Russia, 10,000 rubles will not be superfluous,” she concluded.

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