Russian record broken: a tourist caught overstaying his visa for 11 years in Thailand

The Russian record is broken: a tourist who overstayed his visa for 11 years was caught in Thailand

11 years old – caught in Thailand. Thus, the Russian record is broken: a recently “caught” Russian overstayed his tourist visa by only 993 days, or almost 3 years.

The new “record holder”, according to the Thai press, was an elderly Briton. His stay in Thailand ended on November 26, 2011. Thus, 76-year-old Joseph Taylor managed to overstay his visa by a total of 4142 days or 11.3 years, but “failed” with the latest “raids” of the immigration service. We are talking about the latest immigration raids to identify illegal aliens, which are carried out on the orders of the chief of police, General Damrogsak Kittiprapas. The police rank stated that his goal was “to eradicate foreigners in the kingdom who behave inappropriately and violate the law, endangering the peace and security of life or property of the population, damaging the image of the country.”

According to the police, the foreigner was denounced by an informer, whose name, of course, is not disclosed. He stated that a certain foreigner was illegally residing at Soi 42/1, Phra Kanong Subdistrict, Klong Tan District, Bangkok. As a result, immigration officers arrested the Briton near his home in Bangkok and took him to the Hong Tan police station for questioning. It is still unclear what will happen to the foreigner next.

Media reports that the same informant reported about another foreigner. This time it is a citizen of Singapore, also elderly and also living in Bangkok. As a result, on a tip, immigration officers arrested 62-year-old Ng Win Un from Singapore on charges of being a foreigner living in the kingdom illegally. True, he overstayed his permit to stay in Thailand by 1373 days (3.76 years).

This is not much higher than the Russian record. Recently “discovered” by the immigration police, a Russian citizen spent 993 days illegally in Thailand, or almost 3 years. He lived on the island of Phang Gan in the province of Surat Thani, and was also allegedly “laid down” to the police by local activists. As a result, the Russian faces a prison term, a fine of about $600, and inevitable deportation. Read more at this link.

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