Russian teleworkers now have the opportunity to get a 10-year visa to Thailand

Russian remote workers got the opportunity to get a 10-year visa to Thailand

In pursuit of long-term tourists, the Thai authorities offered Russian remote workers a visa with a 10-year validity period. Thus, this Asian country is trying to attract foreign tourists with a consistently high income so that they spend the money they earn not in their native country, but in Thailand. Consider the categories of tourists that fit the conditions.

Thai Prime Minister Chayothit Kritdakorn, adviser to Prime Minister Chayothit Kritdakorn, said the country has set a goal of attracting about a million rich or talented foreigners over the next five years, The Thaiger reported. figure) aims to save telecommuters the hassle of dealing with one-year work, retirement, or marriage permits that typically require multiple trips to government offices, lawyers, and term deposits at local banks.
As the publication explained, the United Foreign Chambers of Commerce said the new visa regime would make Thailand an attractive destination for telecommuters and second home buyers for citizens around the world, and if done right, the kingdom could reach its five-year goal of one million applicants. This is a significant support for the country's economy.

The Kingdom will issue a 10-year visa to foreign experts, high-level professionals, wealthy people and even pensioners. According to experts, it is technically easy to apply for a long-term resident visa online. You can do it even today.

The opportunity to receive it applies to four categories of travelers whose annual income in total is at least $80,000 (salary, pension) or with assets of at least $1 million (Russian real estate is fine).

The visa provides for multiple entries, issuance of a work permit and covers up to four dependents. These are children or a spouse. Companies using these visas are exempted from the standard rule of “four Thai employees per foreigner”.

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