Russian tour operators began selling tours to another Mediterranean country

Russian tour operators have started selling tours to another Mediterranean country

The start of Aeroflot flights to another Mediterranean country encouraged tour operators who have already started selling tours on these flights. We are talking about Tunisia, where the Russian national carrier announced the opening of flights from May 30. At the same time, ATOR experts noted two main trends – on the one hand, they do not predict excessive demand, if only for reasons of high prices even for air tickets. On the other hand, for a Russian tourist in the conditions of closed “sanctioned” Europe, there are not so many affordable Mediterranean resorts left – in fact, these are only Turkey and Tunisia, as well as Israel and, with some stretch, Egypt, which is trying to promote its resorts in the Mediterranean, but our tourists still prefer Red. So there are chances for new programs.

Recall that Aeroflot announced flights to Tunisia from May 30. Transportation, however, will have several features – in terms of flight time and, accordingly, the declared price. The flight will depart Sheremetyevo at 11 am and arrive in Tunisia at 6 pm local time. The return flight will depart at 19:45 and arrive at 5:55 the next day. And that flight time will be a little less than 9 hours. This is roughly comparable to the flight time to Thailand. Ticket prices are also impressive: at the beginning of June they will cost from 49 thousand for a baggage-free fare and from 55 thousand rubles. – with luggage. At the end of June – even more expensive, from 62 to 68 thousand rubles. Read more here.

At the same time, the carrier promised group fares to tour operators – and apparently, the new offer caused high demand in the market. True, not everyone plans to take blocks. Nevertheless, according to ATOR, at least six companies have announced possible tours to Tunisia based on Aeroflot. It is assumed that the blocks of seats will be received by the national carrier's partner, the Biblio Globus airline. Also, the sale of tours at Aeroflot has already been opened by ANEX Tour, and the tours are announced both with a departure from Moscow and with a connection at Sheremetyevo for tourists from Yekaterinburg, Kazan and St. Petersburg. Russian Express, PAC Group, FUN&SUN and Intourist also announced their plans for Tunisia.

Prices, however, have only been presented by Anex so far – and they start at 154 thousand rubles. – 4* hotel, ultra all inclusive meals, insurance, group transfer. In general, tour operators are cautious in their forecasts – no one expects a rush, given the high prices for air tickets. On the other hand, travel market experts note that the destination has its “fans” and over the past three years a certain pent-up demand has formed. So, in general, the mood is rather cautiously optimistic.

We add that a more exotic Mediterranean offer may also appear on the market for Russian tourists – the “neighbor” of Tunisia, which has remained “terra incognita” for many years, intends to open up for tourism. According to a document from the Algerian Interior Ministry, the country plans to ease access for foreign tourists, and in particular to start issuing tourist visas on arrival, instead of the rather difficult Algerian visa through embassies. There is an assumption that the country will become especially active in the Russian market, since trade and political contacts between our countries are very close. Read the details here.

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