Russian tour operators extended charters to the Caribbean for the summer: prices for tours became known

Russian tour operators extended charters to the Caribbean for the summer: prices for tours became known

direction to the Caribbean – programs to Venezuela, to the island of Margarita, and for the entire summer season of 2023. We are talking about the programs of tour operators Pegasus, Tez Tour and Intourist. Prices for tours and other details provided by ATOR experts have become known.

According to experts, PEGAS Touristik announced that it has extended its flight program to Venezuela (Margarita Island) for the summer. Flights will be operated by Nordwind, chains at 10-11 nights. Departure from Moscow is scheduled for 3:05, arrival in Porlamar in the morning of the same day (at 9:55 local time). On the way back – evening departure (21:00), and arrival in Moscow in the afternoon of the next day (17:20).

As for the TEZ TOUR and Intourist programs, they are talking about block programs on flights of the Venezuelan company Conviasa from Moscow to about. Margarita, which have also been extended for the summer season 2023. At the same time, TEZ TOUR representatives said that against the backdrop of high demand since May, the number of seats in the block on Conviasa flights has almost doubled, and the program is scheduled until August 20. Intourist also reported that the program has been extended, and details about the changes will come later. Conviasa flights depart Vnukovo at 23:30 (on Sundays) and arrive in Porlamar at 09:05 local time the next day. Return flight (on Fridays) at 23:00 and arrival in Moscow on Saturday at 19:05.

As for prices, Pegasus offers tours for April 26 from 189 thousand rubles. for two in 3 * on the “breakfast”. For May, the starting price is about 210 thousand rubles. for two, for the summer – 211-233 thousand rubles. “Intourist” offers tours for May from 205 thousand rubles. for tours in 3 * on “breakfasts” and 265 thousand for “all inclusive”. TEZ TOUR has prices for May from 204 thousand rubles. for two (3* hotel, breakfast).

OUR REFERENCE: Let us remind you that Russian tourists are sent under these programs to the resort island of Margarita, the largest island of Venezuela, located in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea, in the country's only island province of Nueva Esparta. The island is famous for its beaches and two national parks.

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