Russian tourism in Egypt returns to the dashing 90s

Russian tourism in Egypt returns to the dashing 90s

The Russian tourist will soon become the same rare guest at the resorts of Egypt, which he was not even at the time of its closure for Russia, but in the “dashing nineties”. German tour operators are already actively trying to take places in the best hotels in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh: in the 90s they reigned supreme in the resorts of Egypt – then Russian tourists were left with only “leftovers” from the Germans, i.e. unused hotel rooms by German tourists. Now, after the actual departure of Russian tour operators from Egypt, the situation of the dashing 90s may repeat itself (read about this departure in the material “Tours to Turkey and Egypt were closed for Russian tourists”).

And indeed, right now the places of Russian tourists are actively beginning to be filled with Germans. There are no more Russians and Ukrainians – and all hotels in the resorts of Egypt are now de facto in the hands of German tour operators, as happened in the late 80s and early 90s, when Egypt's tourism was equaled exclusively by tourists from Germany and partly from Italy (Mostly Italians go to Sharm el-Sheikh) because they were the main generator of the tourist flow.

Now Egyptian tourism has returned to those distant 90s, when there were few Russians, and now they are no longer perceived as a serious tourist flow due to the situation in Ukraine with the ensuing consequences. At least the German media give this situation the following assessment: “Egypt, like Turkey, will look forward to Russian and Ukrainian guests for a long time to come, who would prefer to relax there in the warmth from sanctions, special operations and the depreciation of the ruble. But this most likely will not happen,” they say on the sidelines of the Berlin tourism exhibition ITB. Most likely, the mass resorts will have to screw up the optimistic forecasts and the calculated income “from the return of the Eastern European vacationing masses.” “They will have to be written off for a very long time,” the German media assures.

“But this will probably make the holidays there more favorable for us,” the German experts do not forget to add. The reason for Egypt's projected popularity with the thrifty German tourist is also that “more cumbersome flight routes” to Southeast Asia due to airlocked airspace and high prices for kerosene and other fuels will reduce the number of tourists on long-haul destinations. And in the absence of Russian and Ukrainian tourists, hoteliers will be extremely interested in Europeans.

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