Russian tourism to Turkey resumes under new conditions

Russian tourism to Turkey resumes under new conditions

Large Russian tour operators of Turkish origin will have the opportunity to carry their tourists from Russia to the resorts of Turkey, even despite the problems with air transportation from Russian airlines. At the moment, most of them have already held negotiations with the leadership of the Turkish national carrier Turkish Airlines for the purchase of block seats on the flights of the national carrier – and these negotiations ended, judging by the statements of the Turkish media, successfully. Although the airline's management stipulates that everything depends “on the development of events in the political arena.”

The details of these programs, voiced by the Turkish media, are as follows. Turkish Airlines will provide a block of seats for 1.5 million, of which 400 thousand have already taken Coral, Anex and Pegas. Moreover, according to tour operators, this is a “temporary solution”, for the period until there is another opportunity to solve the problem of “air sanctions”. In the current situation, this is a temporary solution.

At the same time, Turkish experts also stated that Coral Travel is already selling group tours with Turkish Airlines flights to Antalya from April 30, 2022. Pegas Touristik has also placed tours to Antalya since the end of April on Turkish Airlines block flights.

Anex has not yet found such tours, according to Turkish sources – while negotiations are underway. Fun & is also in the process of negotiations with Turkish Airlines. Sun (formerly TUI Russia).

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