Russian tourist brazenly robbed in Thailand

Russian tourist daringly robbed in Thailand

The victim of a daring robbery was a Russian tourist in Bangkok – Russian woman Natalya K. was injured when a thief on a motorcycle tore her bag and knocked her down. Fortunately, the attacker was let down by his carelessness, and the injured tourist was quickly reunited with her property.

According to Thaiger, the tourist herself reached the Thong Lor police station in Bangkok to report that she was the victim of a robbery. At 11:00 p.m., she was returning from the store to her apartment when the assailant on a yellow motorcycle suddenly grabbed her bag over her shoulder, ripped the bag out, knocking her off her feet, and then sped away. At the same time, the tourist received “injuries to both knees, as well as bruises and abrasions on her arms, hands, torso and face.” At the police station, she was given first aid and began searching for the intruder.

At the same time, according to the tourist, the thief fled with several valuable items, including an iPhone 14, a purple MacBook Pro laptop, AirPods, and about 1,000 baht in cash. Headphones “let down” the attacker. Police tracked the GPS signal of the victim's AirPods to its location in Samut Prakan province, south of Bangkok, and then followed the signal. A yellow motorcycle was also found at the place of discovery, also identified from CCTV footage.

As a result, the attacker, 41-year-old Tanakrit, fully confessed to the robbery of a tourist and was arrested “on suspicion of” robbery by sudden kidnapping using a vehicle for convenience or for the purpose of escaping from arrest and causing bodily harm to the victim.”

As for the tourist, as the publication does not forget to note, she waited for the return of her things right at the police station. And, although the tourist was “shocked and bruised,” she did not forget to thank the police.

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