Russian tourist came to Malaysia and wanted to stay there because of three things

A Russian tourist came to Malaysia and wanted to stay there because of three things

A Russian traveler who spent the last few months in Asian countries, reported that in Malaysia she finally found three things that were missing in other neighboring countries. Therefore, now he is seriously considering the possibility of staying there.

According to her, this is a beautiful country, because. it's always warm there, lots of fruit available, good cheap hotels and friendly locals. “Malaysia is also developing rapidly, which attracts many modern people who want to live in a progressive country. Malaysia really shows great promise for the future. In general, a country for traveling with a family or alone, as well as for a thorough move, is what you need, ”said the tourist on her Yandex.Zen channel.

Firstly, there are many Russians in Malaysia who have moved to a tropical country for permanent residence, acquired real estate, work and do not want to leave. However, those who have a short-stay visa travel to Thailand every month, thus renewing their Malayan visa. Fortunately, this is easy to do: the area of ​​u200bu200bthe whole of Malaysia is equal to the territory of the Primorsky Territory, multiplied by two. Therefore, it is often inexpensive and short for tourists to cross the border with Thailand.

Secondly, these are low prices for quality products, household goods, cars. The girl noted that the country has a lot of good chocolate, nuts, seafood and fresh fish. For comparison, the author cited Russia as an example: “Russians eat plastic vegetables or salted canned spins – well, because there is nothing else in our country. Too cold”. In addition, she liked the quality of local clothing, linen and street food.
“A huge variety of everything you can think of. In general, I myself got to know the taste of Malaysia and now I don’t want to leave here anywhere – I definitely like it here, ”she said.

Thirdly, agriculture. Malaysia ranks second in the world in terms of the number of palm plantations, and hence the production of palm oil, as well as the first place in the world in its export. The main buyer of low-grade goods is Russia, the tourist said and added that all high-quality palm oil remains there, in the country of production, and Russians “eat products molded from palm surrogate.”

“In general, thanks to us , and many other achievements of this country, Malaysia is developing super fast. And besides palm trees, coconuts, pineapples, rice, durians, cocoa beans, herring (the fruit tastes like pineapple, banana and nuts at the same time), mangoes and others that we don’t even know grow here; every kind of vegetable you know, plus tens of thousands of other kinds of edible plants. I seriously thought about staying here for good,” the traveler summed up.

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