Russian tourist engaged in a fistfight on the street of Bali

Russian tourist clashes in Bali street

A Russian tourist and a priest clashed in Ubud, Bali, right on the road while cars were stuck in traffic. The fight was captured on eyewitness cameras, and the video went viral on social media. The resort island police are investigating the incident.

The incident took place over the weekend, but has only just become public. According to the Detik portal, a video circulating on social networks shows two men standing on the main street of the city, surrounded by cars. The man, who was dressed as a priest, took off his traditional headdress and grabbed another man by the flowery shirt. After an exchange of remarks, the tourist pushed the opponent. Then a fistfight ensued.

As the police noted, the conflict occurred due to an attempt by a traveler, who, like the priest, was driving a car, to move faster in the stream and change lanes. The Russian succeeded, climbing in front of the car of a 51-year-old clergyman who was traveling to a religious ceremony on Sunday, but the car allegedly hit the mirror of the vehicle in which the priest was sitting.

This angered the latter. “I wanted to talk to him (with a foreigner) properly. He really had problems. I wanted to tell him about it,” said the Balinese. But instead, insulting words were spoken. He said, “Damn you.” For me it was rough. Sorry, I'm not only a priest, but also a man. I cannot accept this insult.”

The police questioned two witnesses. According to the testimony of one of them, the Russian grabbed a piece of glass before pushing the priest. However, apparently, the compatriot did not apply it. Bali police spokesman Stephanus Satake Bayu Setianto told the publication that the authorities are identifying the tourist. There was no information about whether he was detained.

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