Russian tourist found a resort in Turkey to relax like in Italy

Russian tourist found a resort in Turkey to relax like in Italy

Rising prices and restrictions are forcing Russian tourists to look for new, more affordable places for comfortable rest of the European level. A resourceful Russian woman spoke about a Turkish resort reminiscent of Italy and Greece in her Zen channel.

The girl considers the Turkish city of Kas in the province of Antalya on the Mediterranean coast an alternative option for traveling. Its narrow streets, old houses and paving stones are reminiscent of European ones, primarily in Italy and Greece. But at the same time, getting to the resort is much easier, faster and cheaper.

As an important advantage of the city of Kas, the Russian woman notes the location in one of the southernmost points of Turkey, thanks to which you can swim from the end of March to the end of November. Tourists also like the sandy beach, clear water, palm trees, mountains and authentic atmosphere.

Equally important are low prices and availability. The Russian woman claims that the journey from Antalya Airport to the city of Kas will take about 3 hours. Accordingly, from many cities in Russia you can fly by direct flight and without a visa. Prices in restaurants and housing are much lower than European ones, but the quality and taste of the dishes do not lose because of this, as the tourist noted.

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