Russian tourist found dead in Antalya hotel

 A Russian tourist was found dead in an Antalya hotel

The Turkish media told about the tragic incident with the Russian tourist. According to them, a 54-year-old tourist from Russia, who was vacationing with his family in a hotel in Konakli Mahallesi, Alanya district, was found dead in his room.

According to sources, the family was worried that the tourist did not leave his room for a long time. numbers and raised the alarm. When they entered the room, it turned out that the tourist was already unconscious. A team of doctors was called, but unfortunately the help was late – the tourist died without coming to the building. The body of the Russian tourist was taken to the morgue of the Antalya Institute of Forensic Medicine for an autopsy and clarification of the causes of death.

Recall that Russian tourists periodically get into the criminal chronicles – both in Turkey and in other countries. The most nightmarish case from Turkey this year was presented by the Turkish media quite recently – they told that Russian tourist Dmitry S., who was vacationing in one of the luxury 5-star hotels in Antalya, killed his father with a hammer and seriously injured his mother, who later died in the hospital. The cause of the terrible crime is most likely the mental problems of the tourist – read the details at this link.

The Russian was also accused of the “brutal murder” in Thailand – where the “Russian boyfriend” turned out to be the main suspect in the brutal murder of a transgender woman with particular cruelty. True, whether the main suspect was found is still not known. Read the details in this article. But the law enforcement agencies “split” a somewhat similar Russian drunken crime quite quickly: in this case, two tourists, a 40-year-old and a 35-year-old man, lived in a guest house in the Adler district. On the night of November 4, they quarreled, and a 40-year-old Chelyabinsk resident killed a roommate with a knife in the neck. After that, he buried the body of a tourist in the courtyard of the hotel and announced the loss of a friend, but quickly “split” during interrogation. The sandal, which ended with a knife blow, occurred due to the fact that the murdered man changed into a woman's dress and went out into the common kitchen. Read the details at the link.

There are emergencies without a criminal trace. So, about a year ago, on board the S7 aircraft, which was carrying tourists after a holiday in Sharm el-Sheikh to Samara, a Russian traveler committed suicide. During the flight, the 48-year-old auto mechanic at some point got up and went to the toilet. Flight attendants noticed the passenger's disappearance about 15 minutes later. They tried to open the toilet door, but the latch was locked from the inside. Eyewitnesses helped the flight attendants remove the door from its hinges, and a dead tourist was found in the toilet. Details in this material.

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