Russian tourist found out why Russians annoy the Chinese, and which nations are the most unloved in China

Russian tourist found out how Russians irritate the Chinese, and which nations are the most disliked in China

why Russians irritate the Chinese and what nations are generally the most unloved in China, a Russian tourist told in her blog on Yandex.Zen. According to her, “the Chinese have the same attitude towards Russians as towards other nations – they do not like us.”

And there are many reasons for this. Among them:

  1. “The Chinese believe that all Russians drink a lot. Moreover, they prefer strong alcoholic drinks,” the blogger writes.
  2. “The Chinese, not without reason, consider Russians lazy. We have a lot of land, natural resources, but we are quite poor,” she said, further citing the statement that “most of the land in Siberia is not cultivated at all,” which supposedly surprises the Chinese very much.
  3. “The inhabitants of the PRC do not like Russians because we make a promise and are in no hurry to fulfill it. For the Chinese, keeping one's word is considered part of the culture,” the blogger assured.

She goes on to state that, according to a survey by China's popular search engine Baidu, Russians “love to fight” (verbatim) . Russians are considered the most quick-tempered and fighters. “The stereotype is formed again because of the behavior of our drunk tourists at the resort,” the blogger is sure.

Got and Russian emotionality with Russian severity. Literally in a couple of sentences, the blogger combines them together. “In China, Russians are considered cold people. In China, it is customary to always smile and “keep face” under any circumstances. The habit of Russians to succumb to emotions and “lose face” is incomprehensible to them,” she says.

At the same time, according to polls by the Central European Institute for Asian Studies for 2022, Russia is the most friendly country in relation to China, after us comes Pakistan. And in the top 3 nations unloved by the Chinese, the Russians are still not included. The first place is occupied by the Americans, followed by the Indians and the Japanese close the top three.

“Russian tourists also dislike the Chinese for their noisiness. It is impossible to live in a hotel next to a group of Chinese tourists. Screams and loud conversations begin at 5-6 in the morning. Moreover, if the Russians respect other people's rest and try not to make noise in the corridors of hotels, then the Chinese do not care,” the blogger added.

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