Russian tourist hates India after one hygiene problem

Russian tourist hated India after one hygienic problem

A Russian tourist, while in India, “hated” it because of one hygienic problem – the lack of toilet paper in houses that are outside European resort areas. He urged compatriots who intend to go to India to take with them a suitcase filled with this product. The traveler spoke about this on the Yandex.Zen channel.

According to him, this problem exists both in Egypt and in the UAE. The locals get by with a toilet bowl, a shower, a large number of buckets of water and ladles. “In India, the rules of hygiene after the toilet are strictly observed. The role of toilet paper is performed by their left hand and a bucket of water. After the toilet room, they always wash their hands with soap (as our friends explain to us). But personally, I have never seen soap in the public toilets of the country, and I doubt that people carry bars of soap in their pockets. In general, the question remains open,” the tourist wrote.

After these thoughts, the young man was disdainful to eat in Indian cafes and street eateries. He watched the locals and found out that in everyday life they mainly use their right hand: they serve plates, money, food, say hello, but cook with both hands: “I can’t even think when I see how Indians touch food with their bare hands. Fuuuu, bayayay … Many acquaintances who have been to India before remember Indian goodies that are cooked on the street, their sweets, fried things or even freshly squeezed juices, but I can’t imagine what I will eat from the hands of an Indian.

Why is there no paper?

The tourist explained that the Indians refer to the refusal to use toilet paper as problems with the sewerage, but his opinion is the established traditions and high the cost of goods in the country.

One roll of ordinary toilet paper in India costs from 50 to 80 rubles, and a pack of six rolls costs at least 300 rubles. “And this is a real tin,” he was indignant. “… it’s impossible to live like this in the modern world, but what annoys me more is their opinion of us. They seriously think that supposedly using toilet paper, as Europeans do, is unhygienic. Everyone has their own opinion on this matter,” the traveler concluded.

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