Russian tourist in a 5-star hotel was beaten by a security guard

Russian tourist in a 5-star hotel was beaten by a security guard

Scandal in Smolensk, presumably with a tourist in a 5-star Megapolis hotel, was distributed by the local publication SmolNarod. In the video, according to the publication “leaked” to the network, presumably, the security guard of the Megapolis Grand Hotel beat a tourist. The hotel management did not comment on the video.

“Probably, the conflict could not be resolved by talking: words turned into actions. The guard delivers powerful punches to the face of the “client” five times. The man falls to the floor, the administrator of the “five stars” is running fast somewhere. What happened next remains “behind the scenes,” the newspaper writes. Also, its experts note that “we could not get a prompt comment.”

At the same time, the assessments of video commentators vary greatly. Someone is sure that the footage “looks like filming a movie.” Others assure that the security guard strikes quite professionally and “has every chance to go to the building opposite the hotel itself.”

The fact is, the publication explains for tourists that the hotel, founded back in 2008, has a very interesting neighborhood . From the windows of the hotel on Gagarin Avenue, you can see the Smolensk pre-trial detention center.

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