Russian tourist in Antalya became a victim of a selfie

Russian tourist in Antalya became a victim of a selfie

“Selfmania” among tourists has received a new victim. As a result of an accident in Antalya, a Russian tourist died, who, according to Turkish media, was the victim of a selfie. The incident happened in the Koprulu canyon.

According to sources, three Russian citizens – 35-year-old tourist Stanislav I. and two Russian women accompanying him, aged 54 and 34, went on an excursion to the canyon, including with the aim of taking beautiful photos. Further, a tourist who wanted to take a spectacular selfie slipped, lost his balance and fell off a 35-meter cliff right during the photo shoot. The doctors and rescuers who arrived at the scene had only to state that the tourist had died.

Recall that in the “pre-Covid” times, selfies were in the top 5 causes of accidents with tourists, not far behind drunk driving or swimming . This tragic “trend” has continued in recent years.

So, at the beginning of this year, a terrible state of emergency occurred in Uganda during a popular safari tour: a tourist from Saudi Arabia was trampled to death by an elephant while taking a selfie in the wild. The incident was reported by the authorities of Murchison Falls, the largest national park in the African country. The man went on an adventure tour that includes watching wildlife from a car. The excursion car was moving to the city of Arua, but it was decided to stop for a break. When the tourist got out of the car to take a selfie, he couldn’t go back. “They stopped along the way and the tourist got out of the car, but he was suddenly attacked by an elephant and killed him on the spot,” the park authorities said in a statement. Read more at this link.

And in India last year, a sad “record” was set: 12 tourists died at once while taking a selfie near a historic fort in the north of this country. They were among 76 deaths from lightning strikes during the annual monsoon season, the Indian Emergency Department said. Read more here.

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