Russian tourist in Armenia was shocked by the difference between local shawarma and what is done in Russia

A Russian tourist in Armenia was shocked by the difference between local shawarma and what they do in Russia

Popular a fast food dish – shawarma cooked in Armenia – surprised the Russian tourist very much. And we are talking not only about taste, but also the price tag. “It cannot be compared (with the domestic one), even despite the fact that in Russia shawarma outlets are often held by Armenians,” he noted in his blog on Yandex.Zen.

“In Armenia (shawarma) differs, firstly, in the composition of the dish, and secondly, in the flavor with which it is prepared, ”said the traveler. So, according to him, local shawarma is not wrapped in a huge number of layers of pita bread, two or three turns are enough – it is needed simply so that the filling does not fall out. The filling remains juicy, even though Armenian shawarma players do not use sauces in the form of mayonnaise or ketchup, which are “mercilessly poured in Russia”. “In fact, there is no sauce at all, except for meat juice and vegetable juice. A lot of greens, cilantro, tomatoes and juicy pork, but no ketchup and mayonnaise – everything is exclusively in its own juice, ”the author shared.

The size of the dish is enough to satisfy the hunger of an adult, while there is no excess remains. The cost of a hearty fast food dish that the tourist tried was 150 rubles in terms of Armenian drams.

Help: Shawarma is a dish from the Middle Eastern cuisine that contains meat fried on skewer, or falafel, wrapped in pita bread, less often in pita, with the addition of cabbage, fresh cucumber, onion, garlic sauce and spices. Served without cutlery.

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