Russian tourist in Hurghada understood why Egyptian men stopped staring at Russian women

A Russian tourist in Hurghada understood why Egyptian men stopped staring at Russian women

look at our compatriots. As it turned out, the male part of the inhabitants of the country of the pyramids no longer goes crazy with delight at the sight of girls of Slavic appearance. This opinion was expressed on the pages of her blog in Yandex.Zen by a Russian travel blogger who is vacationing in Egypt.

According to her, in 2023 the attitude of the Egyptians “towards us is no longer so inadequate.” And all because the locals got used to the constant presence of women from Russia and calmed down, the author believes. “I am glad that the Egyptians no longer stare at the Slavs as outlandish monkeys. They generally became more calm and polite: they stopped grabbing tourists by the hands and being overly intrusive (although there are exceptions, but very rarely). Finally, I feel comfortable walking around Hurghada in a dress!” – she noted.

Although some 10 years ago, Russian girls were a “curiosity” for Egypt. Several waves of emigration of women of Slavic and European appearance, well-established air communication with the Red Sea resorts and time have benefited. “They (girls) walk the streets, go to local shops, run in the morning, sit in cafes… The Egyptians gradually got used to the presence of overseas beauties and stopped devouring them with their eyes,” the blogger is sure.

At the same time, tourists continue to be identified by several signs: who the woman came with and what she was wearing. “If a girl is accompanied by a man, then the Egyptian will never turn to her first. In Arab countries such rules. Sellers, waiters in restaurants, guides – they all first speak with a man, and only then with his lady. Some Egyptians try not to even look at “busy” women and diligently communicate only with their companions,” she added. At the same time, in tourist places, single vacationers can relax, wear moderately short dresses, tops and shorts without fear – there should be no terrible consequences. No, of course, they can look at it furtively, but the Egyptians will not allow themselves anything else, the blogger assured.

Another thing is outside the territory of tourist areas, for example, in the Dahar region in Hurghada. There, an unaccompanied girl, dressed in revealing clothes, should not go for a walk: someone will definitely “attach”. The traveler recommended in this case not to let go of even a polite smile at the locals, since men will take this signal for permission to get acquainted.

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