Russian tourist in Malaysia understood why the Chinese thought about Russian wives

A Russian tourist in Malaysia understood why the Chinese thought about Russian wives

While traveling in Malaysia, a domestic tourist stayed with a Chinese family and understood why the Chinese more often they want to marry Russians, not Chinese.

“Chinese women actually cause real disgust among the Chinese. That is, men in China despise Chinese women as women and refuse to marry them. And if earlier the groom's parents voted only for the Chinese bride, now they are with both hands for the European, ”she said in her blog on Yandex.Zen and added that Russian women are the priority over all European women, because. they are radically different from the inhabitants of China.

The compatriot explained that the problem lies in the gender imbalance: in China, there are more men than women. Moreover, this pattern has persisted for many years. Based on this logic, Chinese women feel the right to narrow the circle of potential suitors and look for them exclusively in a rich environment, and not among the poor. “The rest of the Chinese have to suffer. And this is the real problem for China. On this basis, Chinese women have become capricious, ruthless, cruel. The Chinese continue to suffer from loneliness and for a long time they simply found a way out in foreign girls, they simply switched to us. And it is Russian women who cause a greater desire in a marriage union. Against the background of today's capricious and nasty Chinese woman, we are “God's dandelions.” Independent, independent, economic, beautiful, educated and educated,” she explained, noting that the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire also pay attention to the appearance of Russian beauties.

“If you want such a romantic life, I advise you to think about it, because the Chinese are really good suitors and loving fathers who will be proud of their foreign wife,” the blogger concluded, despite the obvious obstacles to such a marriage: differences in mentality and culture, as well as the impudent nature of Russian women.

Earlier, Turprom wrote that “ A Russian tourist in Turkey was very surprised to find out why Turkish women do not want to marry Turks.

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