Russian tourist in Spain realized that three of her favorite local dishes disgust her

A Russian tourist in Spain realized that her three favorite local dishes disgust her

in a bottle and roasted chestnuts – these three favorite dishes of the Spaniards disgusted a Russian tourist after tasting. She shared her gastronomic shock, which she experienced in Spain, on the blog pages on Yandex.Zen.

“I am madly in love with national Spanish snacks – tapas, paella and jamon. But there are also strange dishes that are adored in Spain, which you will not find in Russia, which is not surprising: not only do they look unappetizing, they are simply impossible to eat, ”she was indignant.

The leader in the traveler's anti-rating was the legendary dish among the Catalans – fried onion kalsots, which looks like a leek. “It is cooked on specially designed braziers, which are heated with grapevine. It all sounds very nice, but it looks, to put it mildly, not very. The onion is brought to a jet black color, outwardly it looks more like waste than an appetizing dish, ”a compatriot said disappointedly.

Onion fans prepare their favorite calçots every year from December to March, and even hold a feast in his honor called calçotada. Crowds of Spaniards come to eat onions. “The burnt onion is usually taken in hand, the black peel is removed from it, dipped in a special sauce, then the head is thrown back and the soft core is completely put in the mouth. In order not to get dirty, they put on a bib,” the author shared the details of the tradition.

The second place in the list of unpleasant dishes was taken by the symbol of Andalusian cuisine – gazpacho in a bottle (cold vegetable soup). The soup is very popular in summer because refreshes and nourishes in the heat, but you can find it on store shelves in any season in bottles, like juice. “For me, this is tantamount to borscht or scham cooled in a blender,” the blogger compared, left dissatisfied with the gastronomic addiction of the Spaniards.

The third dish in the top of the tourist, which she is unlikely to want to try, is roasted chestnuts. “I don’t know what the Spaniards found in them, but I’m glad that roasted chestnuts are nowhere to be found in Russia. This delicacy is loved not only in Spain, but also in other European countries. Their taste is very specific: they resemble spoiled potatoes boiled to a state of porridge. This is a very budget dish (like onions and gazpacho), I believe that is why it has been eaten since ancient times – there was no money for more decent and healthy food, ”the tourist stated.

We add that in Russia edible sowing chestnuts, which belong to the Beech family, also grow, but only in the North Caucasus, and differ from European ones in size. In the Russian Federation, they are smaller, about the size of a walnut, while in Europe they are comparable to a tangerine. In Europe, North America, China and Japan, edible chestnuts are valued and are on a par with nuts. But, unlike the latter, they have a low calorie content. On the streets of other Russian regions, horse chestnut grows from the Horse chestnut family. Its fruits are inedible.

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