Russian tourist in Turkey suddenly realized why people are judged by cats there

Russian tourist in Turkey suddenly realized why people are judged by cats

Why in Turkey, literally at every step, there are seemingly homeless, but quite happy with the life of cats, and how a person is judged in relation to these “smaller brothers”, a tourist revealed on her channel in Yandex.Zen. As expected, it is strongly discouraged to offend cats. This can be said by anyone who has been to Turkey and seen how four-legged animals, according to the tourist, “calmly and carelessly walk around courtyards, sleep in cafes and restaurants, are not afraid to approach people for a portion of food, affection and attention.”

A tourist claims that Turks “revere cats” for three reasons:

  • “Firstly, since ancient times, cats have been considered the saviors of people from the plague: they once destroyed all the mice and rats that carry a deadly disease, and to this day they help get rid of the rodents that live on the streets of Turkey. It is important and beneficial for Turks that the cities are filled with pets, because they perform an important function,” she assures.
  • It is not known whether in connection with this factor, or with the one we are talking about ahead, in Turkey, according to a tourist, “there is an unspoken belief that a cat is not just an animal, it is a holy creature: its presence in any place speaks about the fact that there is no evil, evil spirits and hostility. That is why it is better not to offend cats in Turkey, because “by the way a person treats an animal, Turks judge a person: if he feeds a cat and takes care of her, he speaks of generosity, if he let her into his cafe or house – oh tolerance, but if he plays with her every day and treats her like a child, this is a person with an open soul and a big kind heart. As a result, a tourist passing by, all the more rude to them, will be “stigmatized” as a callous, stingy and angry person who is not trustworthy, the tourist assures.
  • The third factor is religious, she adds – in Turkey they believe various legends, according to which the Prophet Muhammad himself revered cats. “Therefore, a disrespectful attitude towards cats for citizens will mean disrespect for their country, culture and traditions,” the tourist adds.

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