Russian tourist in Turkey translated food prices into rubles and was surprised

A Russian tourist in Turkey translated food prices into rubles and was surprised

A Russian tourist went to the resort town of Alanya in Turkey, analyzed food prices in supermarkets and markets, and was very surprised by the sharp rise in prices after the price tags were converted into rubles. She published the list in her channel on Yandex.Zen.

“Not only winter has reached Alanya, but also a new round of inflation … On average, products have risen in price by 2-5 liras (7.5-19 rubles), but for some goods the mark-up turned out to be directly significant,” the author said. Recall that the rate of the lira against the ruble is 3.75 rubles. So, 1 liter of milk now costs 17.5 liras (66 rubles), recently the price has increased by 2 liras, and soft cheese – 46 liras (173 rubles), its cost has increased by 12 liras (45 rubles).

“Only vegetables and fruits continue to delight. Although their assortment has been reduced in winter, and their prices have risen as well as for other products, it is still cheaper than they cost at this time in the Urals,” the traveler noted.

Let's list some popular products nutrition. The price is for 1 kg:

  1. Potatoes – 8-10 lire (30-40 rubles).
  2. Cabbage – 5 liras (18 rubles).
  3. Zucchini – 20 liras (75 rubles).
  4. Peppers – 33 liras (124 rubles).
  5. Apples – from 16 liras (60 rubles).< /li>
  6. Strawberries — 59 liras (221 rubles).
  7. Avocados — 56 rubles, while in the Russian Federation the price for this product is 8-10 times higher.
  8. Tomatoes and cucumbers – 23-25 ​​lira (87-94 rubles). Please note that cucumbers in the Russian regions have risen in price significantly this winter, the retail selling price is from 260 to 600 rubles. for 1 kg.

Prices have jumped not only in markets and shops, but also in restaurants and cafes in Turkey. For example, shawarma has become more expensive by 5 liras, and shish kebab – by 15-20 liras at once.

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