Russian tourist in Turkey understood 5 reasons why Turkish men are attractive

Russian tourist in Turkey realized 5 reasons for the attractiveness of Turkish men

The attractiveness of Turkish men is undeniable and at the same time due to five reasons, a Russian traveler who went on a trip to Turkey is sure . How else to explain that for a long time women from different countries of the world call Turkish men one of the most beautiful?! About how they manage to make such a strong impression “with very average physical data”, the Russian woman found out in her blog on Yandex.Zen.

First, Turks love themselves.“To be born a man in Turkey is a merit in itself. Mothers here simply adore their sons, often to the point of fanaticism. This attitude is connected with local customs,” the author explained, referring to the possibility of procreation and family business and the ancient tradition of education, according to which boys grew up next to their mothers only up to 10-12 years old, and then moved to the male half of the house, where they it was not easy, while the girls stayed with their mothers until their marriage.

The influence of traditions is also noticeable in modern education, the blogger believes – “boys in Turkey are allowed everything, mothers take care of them and pamper them, and girls have a good attitude towards you still have to earn it.” Hence the confidence in yourself and your greatness in adulthood.

Secondly, taking care of the main asset – your hair. The tourist cited survey data, according to which 60% of Turkish men are sure that “grooming” only adds to their charisma. By this term, the Turks do not mean the use of cosmetics for the face and body, but the maintenance of the beauty of their hair. To shape the hairstyle, hair dryers are used; for styling, gels, mousses, and varnishes are used. Most Turkish men have naturally curly hair, so it's easy to imagine how much time and effort hair care requires.

“They are carefully watched, they are groomed and cherished: gray hair is painted over, baldness is fought. It is no coincidence that the most popular plastic surgery among men in Turkey is hair transplantation. Those who cannot afford it use pads, hide the bald spot under combs, a hat or a bandana. A Turk’s haircut should be in the latest fashion, regular trips to the “kuafer” (in Turkish, the hairdresser sounds like “kuafer”) boys are taught from an early age, ”added a compatriot.

thirdly, grooming mustaches and beards. The Turks believe that it is this facial hair that gives brutality and attracts female gazes. In addition, the beard has another use – quite understandable – to hide the second chin, since a solid part of the men in Turkey love to eat, and the results of this are visible to the naked eye. According to the tourist, in order to maintain beauty, the Turks “go to the same “quartiers”, where masters often use straight razors in the old fashioned way.” “As for other vegetation on the body, the Turks ruthlessly destroy it – with the help of depilation, razors, trimmers,” the blogger said.

Fourthly, they follow the style. Turks, especially those under the age of 50, love to dress up and impress. “It is easy for a man to dress beautifully in Turkey – men's lines are produced by all well-known Turkish brands. Prices for clothes do not bite: something cheaper can be found in mass markets, something more expensive – in company stores and boutiques. Oversize is not held in high esteem among Turkish men, everything should be “fitted”, according to the figure, even if it is far from ideal – t-shirts, jeans, and jackets. Shirts should also be fitted, their tailoring is done by special workshops, which in Turkish cities are no less than “koafer”, the traveler specified.

Fifthly, they master the art of charm. Even if the Turks for some reason missed the previous four points, this one will definitely always be with a Turkish man. “Turkish men also learn the art of charming from an early age – from their fathers, older brothers and comrades. Attractive power helps the Turks in business – after all, nothing will be bought from an unfriendly seller on the market, and a gloomy waiter is likely to ruin the institution, ”the author noted and noticed that in her personal life one cannot do without charm. The Turks masterfully master such qualities as gallantry, politeness, and a pleasant smile, complemented by a penetrating look and the ability to give “oriental ornate compliments”, will not leave any woman indifferent.

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