Russian tourist in Turkey was surprised when she found out why Turkish men are so beautiful, and women, on the contrary

A Russian tourist in Turkey was surprised when she found out why Turkish men are so handsome, and women, on the contrary

Turkish men are handsome, while women, on the contrary, are mostly not. Such an observation was made by a Russian tourist during her visit to Turkey and even managed to find an amazing answer to this question.

“It would be difficult to think of such a thing from the first glance at the Turks. It turns out that this fact is directly related to the peculiarities of their culture and mentality, as well as their subjective opinion about beauty,” she said in her Yandex.Zen blog.

According to her, Turkish men and women love themselves very much and take care of themselves, but everyone does it in their own way. The former go to beauty salons no less than ladies, regularly cut their hair, beard, do styling, so they look stylish, as if from the cover of a magazine.

However, fashionable trips to barbershops are not only a tribute to fashion, but have quite a practical meaning. “Due to the hot climate, Turkish men are forced to regularly cut their hair and shave in order to maintain personal hygiene and be neat and well-groomed,” the traveler specified. Due to the high humidity and heat, Turkish women often change clothes, wash their hair and smell good – in this form they already look beautiful in the eyes of their men. “In Turkey, these three simple points are not so easy to follow, especially in summer. This is the second feature characteristic of Turkish women: beauty is in cleanliness, freshness and neatness. Just think, if women in our country were evaluated only by these three parameters? added the blogger.

Another reason for the special concept of beauty is bright makeup. “If in Russia this item is measured by naturalness and youth, which are achieved, among other things, through injections, then in Turkey women with a lot of makeup on their faces are considered attractive – the brighter and more provocative, the better, according to Turkish men,” she shared her observation and added that the abundance of cosmetics is accompanied by a special fashion and style for Turkish women. Often these are natural and light clothing in bright colors, with colorful patterns.

In addition, Turks seem more attractive compared to Turkish women, since men cultivate excess weight in the weaker half of humanity. In turn, women in Turkey are not ashamed and are not ashamed of their volumes and clothing sizes. “Why do Turkish women lose weight, restrict themselves in food or hide under clothes? On the contrary, they seek to emphasize their merits. At the same time, men in Turkey are most often slender and fit, which causes dissonance,” the tourist explained.

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